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Williams Hotspots: The Northern Coast of Italy

22 February, 2018
Written by Ollie Taylor

We’re on a mission to find the best hotspots around the world to take your yacht and jet tender this summer – and first up on our list, is none other than the beautiful Italian coastline.


Although we could spend hours talking about each part of the Italian coastline, our hotspot dropper pinpointed on the northern coast this month.

The whole northern region offers classic vistas of Italy, with balconies over deep blue water, sleepy cobblestone villages and stone cottages, secluded gardens, exotic flora and snow-capped mountains forming a dramatic backdrop to the enchanting Borromeo Islands.


If you’re travelling from overseas, there are a handful of stunning marinas set in the historic port of Genoa, including Marina Porto Antico and Marina Genova, both perfect for superyachts. You can even visit the team at our Genoa Sea Service Centre to answer any questions you may have when you arrive.



Although sometimes Genoa can be overshadowed by the popularity of Rome and Venice, it truly is one of Italy’s hidden gems – a city we definitely recommend.


Featuring winding streets that reveal surprises around every turn, marvellous architecture and artistic treasures, Genoa has something for everyone and is the perfect base for your coastal adventure. Dock into the historic seaport and find cruise liners, yachts and fishing boats, surrounded by a bustling marina, waterfront bars and the Aquarium of Genoa.


And from there, the adventure is your own.



Take your tender east along the coastline from Genoa to Portofino, a picture-perfect harbour that looks like its been taken straight out of the pages of a romantic novel. Covered with leafy greens, rows of beautiful hilltops and hundreds of colourful waterfront homes, Portofino is well-known to be one of the prettiest towns on the Italian Riviera.


Because of its close proximity to the south of Genoa, the little village has been a popular day-trip destination for centuries. It’s a favourite stopping point for cruises along the Italian Riviera too, and the all-year-round cluster of yachts floating in the harbour only adds to Portofino’s visual appeal.



Moor your tender at the port, and take a walk around. Just a short climb up the hillside will take you to the medieval Castello Brown, the historic Church of San Giorgio and the lighthouse at Punta Portofino, which all offer photographic views of the charming city below.



If you’d like to explore further into the country, but don’t want to stray too far from the water. The Italian Lakes are perfect for just that. Set amongst the southern foothills of the Alps, the Italian lakes extend over four different regions of northwest Italy, including Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino and the Veneto. And while there are plenty of lakes all over, the famous four include Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Como and Lake Garda.



No matter where your coastal adventure takes you, rest assured you’ll be in for one of the most idyllic trips of your life along the Northern coast of Italy.


Find out where the next Williams-selected global hotspot is next month.

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