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What is SOLAS regulation — and why is it so important?

17 November, 2022
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Mandatory for yachts over 500GT, and recommended by regulatory bodies for those under, a SOLAS-certified rescue vessel gives you peace of mind when you’re out on the water. But what exactly is SOLAS regulation?


SOLAS, or The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea is an international treaty that demands specific safety standards for marine vessels. Fast forward several tumultuous decades, and over 162 states around the world now subscribe to what we call SOLAS 1974 – though it’s been updated quite a few times since.  


This isn’t just the gold standard for life preservation at sea, in many cases it’s a legal requirement. If you’re looking at a new tender, or even rescue tender, for your vessel, you should be considering a SOLAS-certified tender.


How does a SOLAS rescue tender differ from a standard tender?


The safety of your passengers at sea is our priority. As a result, attaining SOLAS tender certification is an incredibly rigorous – and worthwhile – process. Independently overseen by Lloyds Register, our rescue tenders are equipped with additional fire-retardant materials, an emergency steering mechanism, a flood-proof engine, and a self-righting mechanism to ensure that you’re always on the right side of any danger.


Safety has always been a principal foundation of Williams Jet Tenders – it’s why you’ll never find an exposed propeller on one of our engines. But when it comes to building a SOLAS-certified tender, there’s an entirely new and incredibly high standard of testing to pass.


Our craft are dropped vertically, swung into rigid walls during destruction testing, overload tested, swamp tested, and roll tested. We really put our SOLAS tenders through their paces, so you can be completely safe when you do the same.


After all, when it comes to your safety, the hundreds of hours we spend perfecting your craft is time we couldn’t spend any better.


Does SOLAS regulation compromise the fun you’ll have on the waves?


It seems reasonable to assume that added safety will mean reduced speed, manoeuvrability, or event comfort. And, if you’re looking for pure recreation on a sub-500GT yacht, it may feel like you need to make a difficult decision – compromising the joy of your tender for the safety a SOLAS-certified boat gives you. 


Thankfully, that’s not a compromise you have to make. With a Williams Jet SOLAS rescue tender, you’ll experience the breathtaking performance from our responsive engines and the luxurious comfort your passengers deserve. All coupled with the peace of mind, and regulatory compliance, that comes with a fully SOLAS-certified rescue vessel.

When you’re ready to experience the joy of a Williams Jet tender and the robust security of SOLAS certification, explore our SOLAS Tender DieselJet 505 and 565 models.

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