Build My Tender

SportJet 520

We’ve designed the SportJet 520 to fit on 30m+ yachts. Utilising the ultra reliable 230hp Rotax ACE 1603 engine the Sportjet 520 can achieve a blistering top speed of 52mph, you wont be able to wi the smile from your face. The SportJet 520, our largest model in the SportJet lineup, offers a spacious sunbathing… Continue reading SportJet 520

SportJet 460

We’ve designed the SportJet 460 to fit on 25m+ yachts, carrying upto 6 passenger in ultimate comfort and style. With its purpose-built hull designed to sit firmly in the water, the SportJet 460 offers an exceptionally comfortable cruising experience, ensuring stability and straight-line navigation along the coast. However, don’t be deceived by its relaxed cruising… Continue reading SportJet 460

SportJet 435

We’ve designed the SportJet 435 to fit on 20m+ yachts, available with either the standard 90hp engine or an optional 130hp BRP Rotax designed to satisfy thrill-seeking waterskiers who require the extra torque and speed the larger engine delivers. Thanks to the high-performance sports hull, you can carry up to 7 people in comfort. Experience… Continue reading SportJet 435

SportJet 395

We’ve designed the SportJet 395 , a midsized Yacht Tender to fit on 20m+ yachts, perfect for ferrying up to 5 passengers from the jetty to your yacht or exploring those hard-to-reach calas, bays, and beaches. With its exhilarating low seating configuration, this incredible inflatable tender ensures that all six passengers are in for the… Continue reading SportJet 395

SportJet 345

We’ve designed the SportJet 345 to fit on 16m+ yachts, so owners of mid sized yachts can now experience the ultimate sports tender.Its BRP Rotax engine and expertly designed sports hull gives you and 4 passengers power and precision in one small but mighty package.