MiniJet 280
  • 280
  • Seating


  • Max. Speed

    64khp (40mph)

  • Engine

    60hp BRP Rotax Ace 900 Engine

  • LOA

    2.79m/9ft 2in

  • BEAM

    1.54m/5ft 1in

  • Fuel

    28 litres

MiniJet 280 logo

Introducing the MiniJet - Williams unrivalled performance and quality, distilled into one small but perfect package.

Lightweight and compact, it fits in a wide variety of garages onboard smaller luxury yachts, so more yacht owners can experience the unique thrill, manoeuvrability and quality of a Williams tender.

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Good things come in small packages

The MiniJet, our unmatched performance distilled into a small but perfect package.

MiniJet 280 logo
Principle Specification
LOA 2.79m/9ft 2in
BEAM 1.54m/5ft 1in
Dry Weight 210kg/465lb
Overall Height 0.83m/2ft 8in (0.71m in Low Profile Setting)
Engine 60hp BRP Rotax Ace 900 Engine
Fuel Capacity 28 litres
Seating 3
Max. Speed 64khp (40mph)
Typical Fitment 38+ft / 11+m Yachts
Standard Features
  • Sealed upholstered seating (removable)
  • Piped deck drains
  • Speedometer (GPS)
  • Fuel guage
  • Forward seat neoprene/fabric grab handles
  • Bow U Bolt
  • Ski eye
  • Footpump (2 stage)
  • Fitted fuel tank
  • Sports boat hull shape
  • Automatic fire extinguisher
  • RPM gauge with digital hourmeter
  • Single level throttle/shift control
  • Engine flushing attachment
  • Three lifting pad-eyes
  • Two rear tie down points
  • Bilge blower
  • Tube repair kit
  • Owner's manual
  • Hand-made inflatable tube with rubstrake and grab handles
  • Retractable bathing ladder
  • Quick release wheel
  • Aft stowage bags
  • Navigation lights
  • Overall cover
  • White chocks
  • Tie downs
  • Lifting strops
  • Over straps
  • Towing kit
  • Electric inflator
  • Stainless steel anchor
  • Telescopic paddle
  • 12v DC Socket

Build it your way

Make your jet tender unique by customising colours, equipment, fabric and finishing touches.