Job Vacancy: Composites Tooling Maintenance Specialist

Job Title: Composites Tooling Maintenance Specialist

Location: Berinsfield

Hours: Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm with half hour for lunch daily

Responsible To: Composites Manager


1.0 Role Summary:          

The maintenance and upkeep of our in-house mould tool inventory in accordance with Williams’s quality standards and such tasks that may be requested by management to meet the company’s objectives.


2.0 General Description:

Schedule and carry out routine maintenance of GRP mould tools to achieve optimal mould tool life and component quality.


3.0 Main Duties:

      3.1 Identify and implement high-quality repairs to Gel coat surfaces of GRP mould tools cycling through the Comps dept.

      3.2 Inspect and polish mould tool surface to achieve a high standard of finish.

      3.3 Carry out routine re-waxing treatment of mould tool surface using both semi-permanent and traditional paste wax systems.

      3.4 Assist in the manufacture of silicon bags used in the resin infusion moulding process.

      3.5 Be able to work efficiently and independently with good time management.

      3.6 Assist in the training of other personnel including new production operatives as and when required.

      3.7 Maintain workstation in a clean and tidy state.

      3.8 Operates in accordance with the company’s Health and Safety procedure, and other related company policies.


4.0 Ancillary Duties:

Assist in the finishing of moulded parts when required.


5.0 Qualifications and Experience:

 Extensive experience in finishing GRP or similar high-end automotive paint finishes to a high-quality standard.


6.0 Personal Qualities/Attributes:

– Problem solver

– Good communicator – be able to train and communicate instructions clearly and effectively

– Good attention to detail

– Self-motivated and be able to work on own initiative

– Highly organised and be able to prioritise work

– Good work ethic


If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a covering letter and

updated CV to Gina Darling, Human Resources Manager,

[email protected] or send to Williams Jet Tenders, Vogue

Business Park, Berinsfield.  OX10 7LN