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T285 T325 T385 T445
Highly Versatile
Turbojets fulfill yacht owners' requirements for tenders which can handle multiple roles with ease. Equally at home ferrying passengers to and from a yacht or pulling a monoskier from a deepwater start, the Turbojets will add an extra element of fun to yacht ownership.
Exhilarating Performance
The Turbojet range are high performance craft capable of travelling at 40 knots plus, but this level of performance is achieved in a quiet and unruffled way giving great confidence to both helmsman and passengers. Standstill to maximum speed is achieved in seconds, and cornering is sure footed and predictable.
Superb Economy
The new Textron 850MPE 4-stroke engines used on the Turbojet 285, 325, 385 and 445 are at the forefront of marine engine technology delivering up to 5% better fuel economy than the existing 750MPE. All engines are fitted with catalytic converters making them amongst the cleanest engines fitted to any boat currently on the market.
Safe Operation
All Turbojets use water jet propulsion which means that there are no exposed propellers. This feature greatly enhances boating safety when in close proximity to people in the water, especially when combined with the Turbojets' excellent low speed manoeuvrability. The Turbojet models are also fitted with a power reduction key designed to limit performance for inexperienced users.